Thursday, 17 November 2011

So let's start at the very beginning......

So it was my sons final year in nursery and all was well until the last term..

Damn and blast he fell out with his best pal, two weeks of hell, why? Who knows? But no blood was drawn thank heavens!! For me, It was a simple case of two little boys behaving like well two little boys, one minute the best of friends, the next mortal enemies...I love you, I hate you scenario...sound familiar? This you imagine was no big deal except unbeknownst to me at the time, would have a huge impact on my sons first two years at I hear say...

Well they say it's never the kids that are the problem, it's the adult intervention and in this case omg how right they are!! I was good friends with this mum and so therefore would have thought we could just talk to the boys, try and establish the problem, come up with a plan to encourage the return of peace, perhaps remind them to be kind to each other etc etc and then jog on...but it turned into daggers at dawn...

I have friends who have older kids and you hear of parents falling out over the silliest of things but I would never have guessed it would start at the Bloody nursery gates and with a person you thought was your levelheaded friend. As parents I think we tend to gravitate to people we consider to be like minded, similiar parenting styles etc but im afraid my radar was a bit bucked in this case. That said and on mature reflection I think I let a lot of things
"go" that with hindsight should have been warning lights but the boys were such good friends I figured I would choose my battles wisely.

So what happened was my "friend" started to avoid me, at first I didn't notice but after a few days something felt a tad strange...we normally stayed behind for a chat whilst the boys played but there Was skid marks left behind with her every departure, so finally I asked her if all was ok and she said she felt the boys needed some space. I was a tad surprised but ok fair enough, mid term break was coming up so space it was, perfect...

Back they went and yahoo peace was restored, normal best palship resumed, no more problems...But alas not for one mother, who decided that it didn't matter that all was well with the boys as all was not well with her!!

What then followed was a month of hell for the nursery staff, constant demands from my "friend" that her son be kept away from my devil child who she feared was " teaching her son violence" (a fine achievement for a 4 year old, not quite yet out of nappies and still in fearful possession of his dummy). I of course did not know any of this at the time, the nursery thought the situation was crackers but were trying to accomodate a somewhat unhinged situation.

I was however aware that we were not talking, as the skid marks had returned making that quite clear but the boys were happy so I figured it would eventually sort itself out. I have to admit I was well peed off at the situation but I was pregnant at the time and as u can imagine I had other things on my mind.

Sadly I lost my baby just before my 12 week scan and then this crap paled into insignificance.

Its amazing how you can be in so caught up in mindless drama and at the time it seems to be all that matters and then something like this happens and reality kicks in, your world crumbles and
....til the next time

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