Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday bloody Friday, I love it and I hate it????

It's amazing I have a cleaner that comes on a Friday morning and one would think lucky old you, however for some reason it's the day of the week I like least.....

I have to get up earlier than usual, and i run myself ragged before the bloody school run which ends up being a mad dash no matter how early i get up!!!!and what the hell am I doing? I am unbelievably cleaning up before the cleaner gets here!! I know bonkers, i know .....And does she thank me? No, she comments on how easy it is to let one's house get into a state when one has kids!!!!

So I'm a ball of sweat running down the road to school, seconds to go before the bloody bell rings and hoping the sun is out so I can wear my sunglasses so no one will see my missing mascara and my flipping puffy eyes...

Who wouldn't have a cleaner huh, it's a bloody joy : ( til next time

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